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Commercial/Residential Cuber Ice Maker Conditions with:

Regular PM Implemented

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The previous 7 conditions of the ice machine makes to the user or owner require a Repair Services Call; those cases are the MOST common reasons why an Ice Machine stops the ice production (There are multiples problems why an Ice Maker stops the ice production than those mentioned above) Internals Ice Maker parts get damaged so quick because the Hard Water reduce the period life time.

Hard Water builds up calcium, calcium create obstruction for water drain system, around sensors and cover other internal parts causing breaking the good operations for ice machine. Beside of the calcium, water make rusty for metal parts that are in contact with water.

A Preventive Maintenance is a great option for Ice Maker; and the installation for a dual water filter system. A PM and the Water filter system will create a perfect environment to preserve your equipment in good operational condition; a dual water filter system came with a pre-filter and filter. A monthly replacement of the pre-filter and every quarter replace the water filter in addition with a good PMtwice a year will protect the ice machine from those minerals in the water that reduce the period of life for an Ice Maker.

Ice Maker is not Running

A Regular PM for these cases could be an easy step to resolve by the Ice Maker owner without a professional technician interventions but it is mandatory know some basic details from the Ice Maker.

1- Does the ice machine get power?

a. Solution:

  • Check power
  • Check the breaker if is Off put ON

2- Does the ice machine have a water filter system installed?

a. Solution:

  • Check the filter replacement date.
  • If is out of the date, replace the filter

3- Does the ice machine have enough water from water supply?

a. Solution:

  • Check the water supply valve is open.
  • If the water supply valve is close, open it.

Those steps can be performed by user or owner of the ice machine… if those steps has been completed and problem persist it could be an internal or major problem. It must assist by an Ice Machine Expert Technician, if the internal problems can be:

1- Defective internals parts such:
  • a. Fans condenser
  • b. Controller board
  • c. Timer
2- Refrigeration problems can be produced by a malfunction of:
  • a. Solenoid liquid line valve.
  • b. TXV.
  • c. Controller board.
  • d. Refrigerant leak.
  • e. Bad compressor.
3- Water problem caused by:
  • a. Water circulation pump.
  • b. Water drain pump.
  • c. Water inlet valve.
  • d. Water drain valve.

Ice Maker is Running but not Producing Ice at All

For this situation you can probably hear some noise inside the ice machine, like an electrical motor running, or water circulating but ice still not forming… (Always, keep in mind the Model, Brand and type of the equipment) This kind of problem is common in Cuber Ice Machine; one possible reason could be not enough water coming to the ice machine. If the ice machine has installed a water filter system check:

  • 1- The filter needs replacement (Dirty filter).
  • 2- Check if the water inlet faucet from the wall is open.
  • 3- If you replace the filter and there is water to the ice Machine but problem persist.
  • 4- Call Us 1-469-969-9663

Ice Maker is Running but NOT Producing Enough Ice

This problem solution it will be depend on the type and model of ice maker… (Always, keep in mind the Model, Brand and type of the equipment) This problem can be caused by multiple situations:

  • 1- Not enough water coming to the ice maker.
  • 2- Water leak through the drain water valve.
  • 3- Water leak because a cracked water reservoir.
  • 4- Long freezing cycle.
  • 5- Long harvest cycle.
  • 6- Weak compressor.
  • 7- For any of this situation must be assisted by a technician. Call Us 1-469-969-9663.

Ice Maker got Evaporator Frozen (Cuber Ice Machine)

This is a specific problem for Cuber Ice Maker… (Always, keep in mind the Model, Brand and type of the equipment) This problem can be a little complicated to fix, the person checking this situation in an ice maker must be familiar to avoid make a wrong diagnostic.

  • 1- One of the multiple reasons of this problem it could be a regular PM has NOT been implemented for Cleaning and Sanitations after the initial installation.
  • 2- A cleaning with scale remover and sanitizer could resolve the problem.
    • a. Be careful here! NOT always a cleaning can resolve this problem.
    • b. Manufacturer recommend twice a year perform a cleaning.
      • Use a recommended scale remover from manufacturer.
      • Use a recommended sanitizer from manufacturer.
      • Follow instruction that is coming with user manual.
  • 3- If has been cleaned and problem persist; Call US 1-469-969-9663

Ice Maker got a Water Leak

A water leak is a common situation for ice machines; one of the principal elements to make ice is water… (Always, keep in mind the Model, Brand and type of the equipment) a water leak can be easy detected and it could be an easy solution.

Possible water leak causes:

  • 1- Water leak from drain pipe
  • 2- Internal water leak.

The first option could be a quick solution by a visual inspection under of the ice maker; verify if the water drain pipe from the ice maker has been moved accidentally from its original position of the main drain pipe. If the pipe has moved just put back and problem resolved. After check if the water drains pipe is located properly and problem persist then the second option must be assisted by an Ice Maker Expert Technician.
Call Us 1-469-969-9663.

Ice Maker is ON and OFF without Producing Ice

When an Ice Maker has an On and Off condition and if there is NOT power fluctuation at the property location, disconnect the power to avoid possible damaged for electrical parts. Place a call for an Ice Maker Expert Technician; no matter the model, brand neither type of the equipment. When any Ice Maker is cycling ON and OFF is a serious problem which is not easy to fix. Call Us 1-496-969-9663

Ice Maker is Generating a lot of Heat in the Room

For this situation, there is a possible solution from owner side before place a services call… (Always, keep in mind the Model, Brand and type of the equipment) First, check if the air ventilation, if has been close accidentally or blocked; if air ventilation has been close accidentally open it. Second, if the area where the Ice Maker has not fresh air ventilation, provide proper ventilation with fresh air.

Posible reasons of Generating Heat:

  • 1- Poor air ventilation
  • 2- Mechanical problem with the ice maker.

Details to keep in mind for this kind of problems:

  • a. Is the ice maker self-container?
  • b. Is the ice maker Air Cooled?

A self-contained and Air Cooled Ice Machine will generate a lot of heat inside the area where is installed, if the Ice Maker is self-contained and the Ice Maker is Air Cooled with a poor air ventilation. Poor air ventilation could be one reason of the generated heat in the area. If the area has good ventilation but the ice machine is generating a lot of heat; the Ice Maker has problem with the condenser fans or something else. This problem it must be assisted by an Ice Maker Expert Technician! Call Us 1-469-969-9663

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